Initiatives for Carbon Neutrality in Japanese Petroleum Industry

PAJ (Petroleum Association of Japan)

PAJ displays about “A vision for Carbon Neutrality in Japanese Petroleum Industry” “Images of the Challenge Towards Carbon Neutrality” “Synthetic Fuels (e-fuel)” and diorama of Future image of a plant that achieves carbon neutrality.

This display illustrates carbon recycling where SAF and e-fuels are produced and then the CO2 emitted during consumption is captured and used as raw material for e-fuels.

PAJ is targeting the current plant to be transformed into bases that produce ”carbon-neutral fuels” such as SAF and e-fuels, using the fruits of ”innovative technology development” such as CO2-free hydrogen, recovered CO2 and next-generation biomass as feedstock, while utilizing existing facilities and modifying the necessary refining processes toward 2050.